Guess, for once, she is damn right.
(She is the wife of Maharashtra Dy. Chief Minister -- presumably the real
power behind the throe.)

The "New India" is coming up over the ruins of "India" -- being demolished
by the incumbent regime -- which had come into being as the successful
culmination of more than a half century long epic freedom struggle.

The "New India" is the negation of all the sublime dreams that the epic
struggle upheld, nurtured and cherished.
Not for nothing, the "Father of India" was assassinated virtually on the
very morrow of the birth of Independent India by the then crusaders for
"New India".

<<Amruta Fadnavis - the wife of Maharashtra deputy chief minister Devendra
Fadnavis - on Wednesday called prime minister Narendra Modi 'the father of
new India' after she was questioned over a 2019 tweet in which she called
him 'the father of our country.>>

(Excerpted from: <

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