Medvedev is a former President and currently the Dy. Chairman of the
Security Council of the Russian Federation.

<<He [i.e. Dmitry Medvedev] said ICC judges shouldn’t have raised their
hand against a major nuclear power.

"I’m afraid, gentlemen, everyone is answerable to God and missiles. It’s
quite possible to imagine how a hypersonic Oniks fired from a Russian
warship in the North Sea strikes the court building in the Hague. It can’t
be shot down, I’m afraid. And the court is just a pathetic international
organization, not the people of a NATO country. So, they won’t start a war.
They’ll be scared. And no one will be sorry," the official said.

He urged the judges to "watch the skies closely."

The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin and Russia’s Children’s Rights
Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova on charges of "unlawful deportation" of
Ukrainian children. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the ruling
by saying Moscow doesn’t recognize ICC jurisdiction.>>

(Excerpted from: <>.)

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