<<“It is said Adani is just the front; the investor behind him is Modi,"
the Delhi CM added.

Arvind Kejriwal alleged that PM Modi “pressurized” Sri Lanka into giving
the $442-million wind power project to the Adani Group.

"Modiji forced Sri Lanka to give the wind project to Adani...Technically,
the project was not given to Adani, but to himself (PM Modi). When
Rajapaksa was asked about it in the Sri Lankan Parliament, he said that he
gave the project under pressure,” Arvind Kejriwal said in the Delhi
Assembly on Tuesday.

He further claimed that when airports were privatized two years ago, some
of the conditions for the auction were removed at the last minute and six
airports were awarded to the Adani Group.

“Six airports were auctioned two years ago. At the last moment, the
conditions were removed and six airports were given to Adani. Not Adani but
Modi himself. 30 per cent of the business of the airport is with Modi ji,”
he said.>>

(Excerpted from: <

The charge is in the air for quite a while, by now.
The oft-used term "Modani" captures the essence without being too explicit.

Kejriwal having his two seniormost ministers thrown behind the bars has
been forced to go on the offensive.
Has used the legislative immunity and said it during the debates in the
But, now, it has been reported and, over time, would get magnified and,
maybe, reverberate.

In fact, Sanjay Raut -- a Sena MP -- has almost echoed: <

As yet, the evidence is all circumstantial. But, quite a strong one at that.

Incidentally, this is what had been observed on March 26:

<<Obviously, the hint is that the (huge amount of slush) money came from a
Fakeer's Jhola.
In the coming days, would surely not remain a mere hint.

[or: <

(Ref.: <https://groups.google.com/g/greenyouth/c/sytmTU3aO_E/m/jkEk_cRPAQAJ

And, before that, on March 16:

<<It now also appears -- with the rapid shifts in narratives (ref. : <
https://twitter.com/MahuaMoitra/status/1636332117847339009>) and brazen
state complicity (ref.: <
https://twitter.com/pbhushan1/status/1635510558228353024>) -- that it's now
only a question of time for the under-the-breath query whether the money of
Modi himself is parked in the Adani business to become somewhat audible.
It can hardly be without any significance that Rahul Gandhi keeps
relentlessly repeating: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!?
To be sure, as yet no one has produced any tangible proof.
If and when one manages to do so, by that time the decibel level, in any
case, would be fairly high.>>

(Ref.: <https://groups.google.com/g/greenyouth/c/ySKlL3rspc0/m/inJQVy7jAAAJ

The claim that all the money belongs to Modi must be very much an
But, it's quite likely that a substantial chunk belongs to him.
It definitely calls for a thorough transparent probe which the regime is
hell-bent upon stonewalling.
That speaks for itself.

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