There are too many (potentially disastrous) events happening.
The Adani scam, the public protests against sexual harassment by female
wrestlers winning international laurels, the massive Co-Win data leakage
and now Manipur burning and burning!
To put the finger on just a few.

The activist support provided by the hugely impactful electronic media and
the studied inaction, if not much worse, on the part of the, presumably
powerful, judiciary are two very critical elements ensuring continued
survival of the incumbent evil regime.

That's how things here have started perilously resembling more and more
Putin's Russia.
The window of opportunity, already pretty much narrowed thus, is closing
too fast.

<<To call this a civil war may be unpalatable but it would not be
inaccurate. Where else would women be organising themselves to block roads
so that the central forces and the army may not reach areas where mobs are
attacking villages of other ethnic denominations? They are, in fact,
stopping vehicles of central forces to check the identity of soldiers to
see if there are any of a particular ethnicity involved in the conflict.
Vehicles carrying food supplies and other essentials for Assam Rifles are
not being allowed to move. Some Assam Rifles units had to receive army
supplies by helicopter. These are unprecedented happenings by any yardstick.

The failure is all-round and all-encompassing. The BJP state government and
its CM lead the way with their disastrous record, but continue to remain in
office for some inexplicable reason. Amit Shah has failed, too,
demonstrably so after his much-publicised four-day visit. His emissary,
Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma, grabbed the headlines with his unusual visit
to Imphal and negotiations in Guwahati with Kuki militant groups, but it
has made no difference to the situation in Manipur. The Centre appointed a
new security adviser, a retired police officer, who has failed to stop
violence, let alone restore peace. So has the new DGP of the state, who has
been brought in from outside the state.

The buck, however, doesn’t stop with any of them. It stops with Prime
Minister Narendra Modi, who has not uttered a word on Manipur for the past
45 days. With more than 135 lives lost and 60,000 persons rendered
homeless, Modi’s silence is baffling. It is a tactic he regularly uses to
deal with inconvenient issues. From the Chinese ingress on the border in
Ladakh, the allegations of Adani’s crony wrongdoing, wrestlers’ protests on
alleged sexual harassment by a BJP MP, holding of the decadal census, to
the holding of elections in Kashmir, he has avoided talking about issues
that reveal him in poor light.

If Modi hopes that he can wish away the Manipur crisis by staying silent,
he is mistaken. By now, ethnic divides have become deeply entrenched and
the security-centric approach of creating buffer zones between the Meitei
and the Kuki is making the gulf permanent. Crying for a political solution,
the people now feel completely abandoned by Modi, who exhorted them to vote
for a ‘double-engine’ government in the state two years ago. His
indifference towards Manipur, while he goes campaigning for elections in
Karnataka, to the train accident site in Odisha or chairs a disaster
management conference for cyclone Biprajoy in Gujarat, only reinforces the
Finally, prime ministers in any healthy democracy are held accountable by a
free press. Hardly any television channel or newspaper has questioned
Modi’s silence on Manipur or the Centre’s failures there. As a thought
experiment, consider anyone else as PM instead of Modi. Would newspapers be
as blind toward another PM’s indifference to a state that continues to burn
for 45 days? Modi is travelling, instead, to the UN compound to lead
exercises there on World Yoga Day. But no yogic pose exists that can allow
Modi to shut his eyes to the deep erosion of the credibility of the Indian
State his (in)actions in Manipur have caused.>>

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