In the Calcutta High Court.
Complaints of *tampering with the counting*, post-chhappa voting, at the
counting centres are being heard.
I. <>.
II. <>.
III. <>.

Here's a video clip of ballot boxes in the strongroom(!) being taken to the
counting centre: <>.

Here's a video clip of chhappa voting underway: <>.


On Sun, Jul 9, 2023, 23:50 Sukla Sen <> wrote:

> *
> <>*
> *This would have not been possible with the EVM*.
> I. You can't just go on continuously pressing the button.
> Each push has to be separately enabled -- each time following a set
> protocol.
> II. The (helpless) polling officer, who's actually protesting, could have
> very well remotely deactivated the machine had it been EVM.
> III. Of course, the EVM is just no answer to violence. But, it *restricts* 
> (terror-enabled)
> false voting in a very big way.
> On violence:
> I. <
> >.
> II. <
> >.
> [Btw, all these are all taken from the FB wall of a (self-proclaimed)
> Congress activist from Murshidabad.
> Regardless of the political affiliation, and all that it implies, there's
> no ground to suspect that any of these videos is/are doctored. Hence, quite
> valuable documents coming from a citizen journalist with a specific
> political orientation.]
> Sukla

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