*The summary*:
*I*. Indian Independence denotes transfer of power from the British (Crown)
to the people of (democratic) India.
*II*. A conflict is going on between those fighting to take this process
further forward and those trying to snatch power away from the hands of the
*III*. The move for women's reservation is a big step in the direction of
further devolution of power to the people.
*IV*. OBCs like women, constitute a (severely) deprived group.
Of the 90 Secretaries of the Government of India only 3 come from this
group. They control only 5% of the total budget of 44 lakh crore.
*V*. So, a caste census must be carried out. The data of the census already
done must be released.
(Otherwise, "we would release the data!")
*VI. The bill is incomplete without the provision for reservation for the
OBC women.*
*Must be included.*
*VII. There's no reason whatsoever why the implementation of this
reservation bill is yoked to the next census and, then, delimitation of
**Must be implemented immediately after passing.*

Also watch: <https://fb.watch/nbtT4aLnEr/>.

[The Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha, almost unanimously, yesterday: <

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