This is an overall reply to Sven's points about building gretl on Windows, including building against GTK 3 (GTK 2 being the default
to date).

* I've made a few changes to and which hopefully should fix the issues Sven mentioned.

* I've updated the special "deps" packages mentioned in the building guide. They now include libgsf, which should get used in the build automatically and should overcome the 4 GB limit on compressed data.

* The gretl-winbuild PDF doc is updated correspondingly.

* I've added to git a template file which will be used to generate the new file at configure time. This is unlikely to be right as it stands, but hopefully Sven can tweak it. At present you'll have to manually substitute a call to in place of Eventually it should be possible either to make that selection automatically, or to produce a generalized script that serves for both GTK 2 and GTK 3.

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