Ralph Corderoy <ra...@inputplus.co.uk> wrote:
 |I'm no fan of XML, but I thought this command-line PDF producer from an
 |XML file may be of interest.  Has Lua somewhere under the covers.

Pretty cool indeed, and from a glance it seems to be very clean.
I really rather have a rocking roff at my fingertips, however.

XPath, XSL, etc., i luckily never had to deal with.  I.e., i even
bought a recommendet book in 1999, Goldfarb/Prescod, "The XML
Handbook", but: _don't buy it_, since it doesn't offer anything
real but advertisement.  Buuuuuuh!  (It is outdated anyway.)

Roff would deserve to become being more hip again, and as for many
good things i am confident it will happen again.  It is good.


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