On Sun, Feb 04, 2018 at 06:19:56PM -0500, Dave Kemper wrote:
> I'm probably overlooking something obvious here, but it's eluded me
> long enough to type and send this message.
> Consider this three-line input:
> .ss 12 48
> \[lq]He said `seven.'\[rq]
> John frowned.
> What's the correct way to get groff to ignore the thin-space character
> in end-of-sentence detection?

This works for me:

.cflags 32 \[Q_S]
.char \[Q_S] \h'.5n'
.ss 12 48
\[lq]He said `seven.'\[Q_S]\[rq]
John frowned

The \| isn't truly a character, it simply instructs groff to pick up its
pen and move a few steps to the right. By using the .char request we may
create a virtual character to operate on.

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