Hi Yves,

> What approach would I take? Is this something that can be done with
> tabs?

The tutorial in CSTR 54, logical page `- 32 -', defines the `lp'
labelled paragraph macro that uses tabs.  https://troff.org/54.pdf
If you're starting troff, that slim document is well worthy of repeated
careful study.

> a combination of indents?

Ted's pointed out the combination of indents.  Another way that's
sometimes seen is to move left with `\h' to out-dent the item's

    $ cat list.tr 
    .pl 10
    .ll 32
    .nr i 0 1
    .af i i
    .in 8
    .ds l "\n+i. \"
    .ds l "\n+i. \"
    A lot longer list item this time.
    .ds l "\n+i. \"
    $ nroff list.tr

         i. First.
        ii. Second.  A lot longer
            list item this time.
       iii. Third.



The tedious repetition is well suited to being your own macro definition
you have in your prologue.

Cheers, Ralph.

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