Thank you Sahil, I will try VMD plugin for H-bond analysis.
Thank you Justin for your reply, it looks like gmx hbond considers only one N-H 
as donor when part of NH2 group. Please take a look at this file.

Many thanks,

From: Neena Susan Eappen
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 1:50 AM
Subject: [gmx users] Terminal amide hydrogens not included in H-bond analysis

Hello gromacs users,

My peptide has an amide group at the C-terminus. Hydrogen bond analysis using 
gmx hbond does not take into account H-bond donors (NH2) from the amide group 
(Note: this NH2 is considered as a residue according to opls ff). What might be 
happening here?

Many thanks,
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