Greetings list,

The Python Mauritius User Group is having it's March meetup online.

We want to have two or more open source maintainers presenting their
projects (core comitters of any python package that's somewhat popular, in
fact we want a walkthrough of either the code base or use of the package it
matters not, no slides needed). Our meetup will be 3/4 hours long with
breaks in between as everybody is fidgeting at home. So, time is not a

We want to extend the presenters' invitation worldwide to cheer us up
during a period of double/complete lockdown in our country ^^_

Just reply, await your responses!

Else, at the said time on the link in the above meetup event anybody can
join, capacity is 250 presenters and 10k viewers

(info: since last night added online location as an option)

Kind Regards,

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer <> | github
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