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  scheduled shutdown -r  does not work without dbus in xenial LXC

Status in Landscape Client:
  Fix Committed
Status in landscape-client package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress
Status in systemd package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in landscape-client source package in Xenial:
Status in systemd source package in Xenial:
  Won't Fix
Status in landscape-client source package in Yakkety:
  Won't Fix
Status in systemd source package in Yakkety:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  The command "shutdown -r +5" doesn't work in a xenial lxc container. I
  found this out by trying to use Landscape to restart a xenial lxc
  container and the operation failed. I was told by the Landscape team
  that the restart button simply does a "shutdown -r +5".

  The problem seems to be that the dbus package is missing in the xenial
  lxc image.

  This is what happens:

  root@xenialtest:/# shutdown -r +5
  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory
  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory

  And if I install dbus:

  root@xenialtest:/# shutdown -r +5
  Shutdown scheduled for Wed 2016-06-08 19:28:44 UTC, use 'shutdown -c' to 

  The issue happens whether I use the download template or the ubuntu
  template when creating the LXC container:

  root@davecorelaptop:/var/cache/lxc# lxc-create -t ubuntu -n test2
  root@davecorelaptop:/var/cache/lxc# lxc-start -d -n test2
  root@davecorelaptop:/var/cache/lxc# lxc-attach -n test2

  root@test2:/# lsb_release -a
  No LSB modules are available.
  Distributor ID:       Ubuntu
  Description:  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  Release:      16.04
  Codename:     xenial

  root@test2:/# shutdown -r +5
  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory
  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory


  root@davecorelaptop:~# lxc-create -t download -n test
  Setting up the GPG keyring
  Downloading the image index

  alpine        3.0     amd64   default 20160608_18:03
  alpine        3.0     i386    default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        3.1     amd64   default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        3.1     i386    default 20160608_18:03
  alpine        3.2     amd64   default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        3.2     i386    default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        3.3     amd64   default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        3.3     i386    default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        edge    amd64   default 20160608_17:50
  alpine        edge    i386    default 20160608_17:50
  centos        6       amd64   default 20160609_02:16
  centos        6       i386    default 20160609_02:16
  centos        7       amd64   default 20160609_02:16
  debian        jessie  amd64   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        jessie  arm64   default 20160609_02:38
  debian        jessie  armel   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        jessie  armhf   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        jessie  i386    default 20160608_22:42
  debian        jessie  powerpc default 20160608_22:42
  debian        jessie  ppc64el default 20160608_22:42
  debian        jessie  s390x   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     amd64   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     arm64   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     armel   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     armhf   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     i386    default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     powerpc default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     ppc64el default 20160608_22:42
  debian        sid     s390x   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch amd64   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch arm64   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch armel   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch armhf   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch i386    default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch powerpc default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch ppc64el default 20160608_22:42
  debian        stretch s390x   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        wheezy  amd64   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        wheezy  armel   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        wheezy  armhf   default 20160608_22:42
  debian        wheezy  i386    default 20160608_22:42
  debian        wheezy  powerpc default 20160609_02:38
  debian        wheezy  s390x   default 20160608_22:42
  fedora        22      amd64   default 20160609_01:27
  fedora        22      armhf   default 20160112_01:27
  fedora        22      i386    default 20160609_01:27
  fedora        23      amd64   default 20160609_01:27
  fedora        23      i386    default 20160609_01:27
  gentoo        current amd64   default 20160608_14:12
  gentoo        current i386    default 20160608_14:12
  opensuse      13.2    amd64   default 20160609_00:53
  oracle        6       amd64   default 20160609_11:40
  oracle        6       i386    default 20160609_11:40
  oracle        7       amd64   default 20160609_11:40
  plamo 5.x     amd64   default 20160608_21:36
  plamo 5.x     i386    default 20160608_21:36
  plamo 6.x     amd64   default 20160608_21:36
  plamo 6.x     i386    default 20160608_21:36
  ubuntu        precise amd64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        precise armel   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        precise armhf   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        precise i386    default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        precise powerpc default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        trusty  amd64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        trusty  arm64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        trusty  armhf   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        trusty  i386    default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        trusty  powerpc default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        trusty  ppc64el default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        wily    amd64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        wily    arm64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        wily    armhf   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        wily    i386    default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        wily    powerpc default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        wily    ppc64el default 20160609_07:06
  ubuntu        xenial  amd64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        xenial  arm64   default 20160609_07:06
  ubuntu        xenial  armhf   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        xenial  i386    default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        xenial  powerpc default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        xenial  ppc64el default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        xenial  s390x   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety amd64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety arm64   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety armhf   default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety i386    default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety powerpc default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety ppc64el default 20160609_03:49
  ubuntu        yakkety s390x   default 20160609_03:49

  Distribution: ubuntu
  Release: xenial
  Architecture: amd64

  Downloading the image index
  Downloading the rootfs
  Downloading the metadata
  The image cache is now ready
  Unpacking the rootfs

  You just created an Ubuntu container (release=xenial, arch=amd64, 

  To enable sshd, run: apt-get install openssh-server

  For security reason, container images ship without user accounts
  and without a root password.

  Use lxc-attach or chroot directly into the rootfs to set a root password
  or create user accounts.

  root@davecorelaptop:~# lxc-start -d -n test
  root@davecorelaptop:~# lxc-attach -n test

  root@test:/# shutdown -r +5
  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory
  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory

  I cleared my /var/cache/lxc before doing these 2 tests. The tests were
  done around 11:00 AM Eastern time on June 9 2016.

  Note that a "shutdown -r now" works properly. The problem happens only
  when I specify minutes.

  And also note that installing the dbus package also fixes the issue.

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