Because if we say adopt large as 4:4:4:4 amount of this mapping is reduced.

Or we can adopt as-is then enlarge ...


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:04 PM, Nick Hilliard <> wrote:

> Robert Raszuk wrote:
> > ‚ÄčThe problem with 16:16 and now with endorsing 32:32:32 is that it still
> > requires an external oracle to manually translate encoded magic number
> > into set of actions.
> I'm struggling to understand how and why this is relevant to adopting
> large as-is.
> Operators are free to choose their own semantics and their own
> constructions.  If you feel that it should be otherwise, post a bunch of
> drafts to IDR and GROW and let's discuss them.
> Nick
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