If the list would be longer than can be accommodated in a single IPFIX message, then some mechanism would need to be defined to allow the list to be exported.

Ideally this should be a generic mechanism allowing the export of any large IPFIX content. However, it might be simpler to define a mechanism that's specific to the export of long lists.

There may be several solutions. eg, it might be a compression mechanism allowing the content to fit into a single message. Or the content might be carried across multiple messages.

If you feel it's an issue - especially if it would block your current work - then please start the discussion in the OPSAWG because the IPFIX WG is closed.


On 16/02/17 12:02, 李振强 wrote:
The length of IPFIX message is sufficient for BGP standard communities, since the length of standard community is 4 octets. But the sizes of extended community, large community and wide community are bigger than the size of standard community. If the working group agrees to cover the above all kinds of communities in this draft, do you think we should open the discussion for IPFIX and basicList message splitting?

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