So in system.log i get this message reappearing every 10 seconds:

Apr 10 15:39:06 202-144-17-89[1] 
(com.growl.GrowlLauncher): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn 
out by 10 seconds.
Apr 10 15:39:16 202-144-17-89[1] 
(com.growl.GrowlLauncher[584]): Could not find and/or execute program 
specified by service: 149: Could not find a bundle of the given identifier 
through LaunchServices: com.growl.GrowlLauncher

I've already run the growl uninstaller, i've deleted the i don't 
have growl running as startup item, i can't find any process with "growl" 
in its name running, and i was only able to locate a folder with the name 
com.growl.GrowlLauncher in these locations:


and deleting them had no effect, and i cannot use launchtl unload -w on 
these paths.

In launchctl list i find this service is loaded:

-    78    com.growl.GrowlLauncher

but for some reason i cannot unload only by name i have to have the full 
path to the file, can someone tell me *where this file is located* so i can 
unload it and delete it or if there is some way to unload in launchctl only 
by name.

I have looked in all the locations where you usually find these things but 
have come up with nothing, i have also run terminal command find, with 
"com.growl.GrowlLauncher" as parameter and i only came up with the 
aforementioned /Containers/... locations.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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