We are stuck on an issue/crash seen within the gRPC library and was looking 
for some assistance.



We are working w/ gRPC v0.12.   Given when we started and our release date 
we are stuck w/ this version 0.12.

We have plans to move forward to release 1.0 in our next release cycle.


So for now we are stuck w/ v0.12.   Given this we are observing a crash 
within gRPC library when sending large messages.

Generally anything larger than 10MB.  The problem appears after some time 
but consistently seen.

Crash is observed at the client side who is pushing the data.  


The crash happens due to an abort in the 
src/core/transport/chttp2_transport.c: 527.  

Crash happens during a destroy stream call.


TelemeterySend GPB status error 4

E0919 08:46:04.117800251   11696 chttp2_transport.c:527]     client stream 
231 still included in list 9

Aborted (core dumped) 


Below is the proto service for the RPC


service gRPCConfigOper {

    // TelemetrySend Service

    rpc TelemetrySend(TelemetryMsg) returns(TelemetryMsgReply) {};



I found few items online that seemed relevant, however it just points to 
13.1.  The last one listed appears to have dependency on code present

in 13 which is not found in 12.  

The 2nd link appears to discuss very similar problem, but not clear if and 
how it was resolved ?








1. Can you shed some light if this is a known issue that was indeed fixed 
and if so what would be required to have this working in 0.12 ?

2. Can you shed some light on the error itself or reason for the abort ?

3. Is there any workaround ? Known limitations on message size in 0.12 
which the application can enforce ?


Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated 

Thanks in advance.

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