I am unsure about how to use the ServerContext::isCanceled() functionality.

The ServerContext documentation (source code) says:  
// IsCancelled is always safe to call when using sync API
// When using async API, it is only safe to call IsCancelled after
// the AsyncNotifyWhenDone tag has been delivered
bool IsCancelled() const;

// Async only. Has to be called before the rpc starts.
// Returns the tag in completion queue when the rpc finishes.
// IsCancelled() can then be called to check whether the rpc was cancelled.
void AsyncNotifyWhenDone(void* tag) {
 has_notify_when_done_tag_ = true;
 async_notify_when_done_tag_ = tag;

I have a function checking the ServerCompletionQueue as follows:
      template <class REP, class PERIOD>
   bool getFor(std::chrono::duration<REP, PERIOD> timeout)
          void* tag;
     bool ok;

     typedef ::grpc::ServerCompletionQueue::NextStatus NextStatus;
     NextStatus nextStatus = notification_cq->AsyncNext(&tag, &ok, 
std::chrono::system_clock::now() + timeout);

     if(nextStatus == NextStatus::SHUTDOWN)
       return false;
     else if(nextStatus == NextStatus::TIMEOUT)
       return false;
     else if(nextStatus == NextStatus::GOT_EVENT)
         PROCOM_DEBUG("NOT OK, RPC canceled or timed out or client 
       return true;
     return false;
ICallMetadata is a class which basically does what CallData does in the 
gRPC Async C++ examples.

What I want to do is the following:
If a client does multiple asynchronous calls, and cancels some of them at a 
later time, before they are processed (thus before AsyncNext got the new 
I want to never process the canceled calls. 

What I see is that I still get the event in the CompletionQueue (side note: 
And sometimes I get a not OK event, what does this mean exactly besides 
what the source comment says: "Upon success, true if read a regular event, 
false otherwise.". What is a regular event and what is a non-regular event? 
Is there some documentation about this?)

I can call AsyncNotifyWhenDone when creating a CallData object, but which 
tag should I use? (void*) CallData*? 
When receiving such a tag in the CompletionQueue, how do I know if I can 
safely call  IsCancelled()? 
So basically how am I supposed to match a AsyncNotifyWhenDone tag to a 
CallData tag? Is there some example where AsyncNotifyWhenDone is used?

If you need more information, please let me know.

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