I am using gRPC C++ 1.0.0 and running multiple nightly tests.
One of these tests is qualifying if on/multiple client can connect to a 
Sporadically i am getting the following error in the output of my tests:

tcp_server_posix.c:395]     Failed accept4: Invalid argument

When this happens, client are also unable to connect:

connection.test.h:71: Failure
Value of: mClient->Connected()
  Actual: false
Expected: true
connection.test.h:72: Failure
Value of: mClient->WaitForConnected(std::chrono::milliseconds(
  Actual: false
Expected: true

So it seems that the server never starts running or at least does not 
accept connections.

When checking linux manual I am seeing the following:
*EINVAL* (*accept4*()) invalid value in *flags*.

The server and client(s) are both created in the same gtest process, 
running on a port on localhost.

I am not yet able to reproduce this consistently, but I am asking anyway in 
the hope this is known to someone here, or if somebody has an idea to 
reproduce this more consistently.

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