Could anybody please help me with the question originally posted on 
stackoverflow <>?

I have a grpc service written in C# which has 2 calls like Start and Stop. 
When a client calls Start (this call takes much time) and then Stop server 
processes requests synchronously while grpc has started 4 threads.

2016-12-01 18:55:14,199,INFO,grpc 2 (cq 2),0 parsing.c:659: HTTP:17:HDR:SVR: 
:path: /Service/Start
2016-12-01 18:55:14,303 [grpc 2 (cq 2)] DEBUG [RPC:27] Start 2016-12-01 18:
55:14,822,INFO,grpc 0 (cq 0),0 parsing.c:659: HTTP:19:HDR:SVR: :path: /
Service/Stop 2016-12-01 18:55:33,661 [grpc 2 (cq 2)] DEBUG [RPC:27] Stop

These log messages shows that request was received by grpc 0 but was 
processed by grpc 2 after Start has been finished.

Could you please help me to understand if it functions as designed or maybe 
I have missed any additional settings?

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