Hi Arpit,

I would assume (by the name) that it's for the root certificate. So if you 
use a self-signed certificate with pem_key_cert_pairs (signed with your 
self-generated root certificate and not by a paid service like COMODO), you 
have to establish the trust yourself. Normally, the system has a list of 
trusted root certificates. And your own normally does not belong to those.

-- Benjamin

Am Samstag, 3. Februar 2018 05:44:34 UTC+1 schrieb Arpit Baldeva:
> Hi,
> Any idea what is above field used for? For a server, it's own ssl cert for 
> any client making request to it is specified via pem_key_cert_pairs. 
> And SslServerCredentialsOptions should not be used when your application is 
> acting as a client, grpc::SslCredentialsOptions should be used (which has a 
> field with the same name).
> Am I missing something obvious?
> Thanks.

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