Hi Jorn,

I did some tests with larger amounts myself and it just seems to work fine. 
Not sure about the plans for future releases. gRPC has a maximum message 
limit that defaults to 4 MB but that you can adjust (as send limit and 
receive limit). You may want to have a look at this GitHub issue that is 
also linking some other issues where people used it with 80 MB.


Best regards,

Am Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018 11:14:10 UTC+1 schrieb 
> Dear all,
> We have recently been investigating various RPC technologies that would 
> help us
> query and transfer data between a database server containing image data, 
> and a client.
> For HBase, Thrift is typically used for this.  But our benchmarks show 
> that the
> current version of gRPC also performs very well for this task, and we are
> tempted to use gRPC instead of Thrift, REST, or WebSocket.
> Hence our question:
> > Is streaming moderately sized chunks of binary data part of the vision 
> for gRPC?  Can we 
> count on the streaming of moderately sized chunks of binary data 
> performing equally well in future releases of gRPC?
> We would very much appreciate your views on this.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Jorn Baayen

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