gRPC Java 1.9.1 is now released and available on Maven Central.

This release fixes regressions introduced in v1.9.0 and all users of v1.9.1
are encouraged to upgrade.

Bug fixes

   - bazel: fix protobuf sha256 (#3924
   - core: fix regression in v1.9.0 where the user-agent would be like
   "grpc-java-netty1.9.0" instead of "grpc-java-netty/1.9.0" (#3974
   - netty: workaround Netty regression in v1.9.0 (netty/netty#7639
   <>) which caused TLS failures
   to fail with "UNAVAILABLE: Channel closed while performing protocol
   negotiation" instead of useful failure information (#4033
   - netty: fix regression in v1.9.0 where using GRPC_PROXY_EXP with the
   Netty transport would cause an UnresolvedAddressException (#4027
   <>). ProxySelector (including
   the default one that processes -Dhttps.proxyHost) is still known-broken
   for Netty; this is being tracked in #4029

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