I have a question regarding the grpc Dial behavior. I have a 
server, which as part of the incoming request needs to talk to another 
endpoint using grpc. Currently, on the server spawn, it does grpc.Dial to 
the other endpoint. and when the request comes, it does a grpc on this 
established connection. Two questions:

1. Is the connection via grpc.Dial persistent?
2. On the connection loss to the other endpoint, my grpc requests are 
err rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = all SubConns are in 
Do i need to dial out per request, that sounds expensive as the connection 
establishment can take time. I was under the impression that Dial will 
indefinitely try to establish the connection. Do i need to explicitly turn 
on keepAlive to make that happen?

3. Also, if i want to limit how long the grpc request should take, one way 
i know of is via the golang context. I was reading somewhere that the grpc 
call itself, you can pass timeout. Which method is preferred?


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