Hi all,
I am Sword Chen, a postgraduate student at Mid Sweden University. I 
have used the gPRC for some time. So I would love to contribute to the 
project as part of GSoC. I have seen the given ideas, and I am quite 
interested in the "Support static type-checking of both gRPC Python" , but 
I can't find the relative open issue for this idea.  so I did some prework 
and I put them here.

I have tried the Type Checking Tool Mypy, when I tested some file using the 
grpc module and I got this error " Cannot find module named 'grpc' " Then I 
went through with the Mypy document, Mypy can't do static type-checking of 
both gRPC Python itself and of the code that uses gRPC because Mypy can't 
find a stub for a grpc library module. and here is the 
information about Creating Stubs For Python Modules 
https://github.com/python/mypy/wiki/Creating-Stubs-For-Python-Modules. So 
what I need to do is to create the stubs for the grpc to help Mypy to 
detect the code. Am I working in the right direction now? It would be 
really helpful if someone can give me some guidance, so I can have some 
confidence to go on.


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