With what programming language(s) are you working with gRPC? It's likely
that the details of the answers to your questions will vary from one
programming language to another.

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:15 AM, Lokanadham M <lokanadha...@voonik.com>

> If gRPC connections are persistent, a single client will always talk to a
> single backend in that configuration. It's fine if you have lots of clients
> but how load balancing is done?

Sometimes load balancing is done in the client by representing as one
connection to the application what are actually several connections on the
wire to several different servers. Sometimes load balancing is done but
putting a running a load balancer on a host between clients and servers.

How server is able to handle so many open connections?? Won't it hit open
> file discriptors limit??
> Can some one please explain how it was implemented at socket level to
> handle that many connections??

I suspect that the answers to these questions are implementation-dependent.

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