In C# status server handlers (and also in interceptors on the serverside), 
you can set the resulting status without throwing an exception by setting 
ServerCallContext's "Status" property.

call.Status = new Status(StatusCode.WhateverYouWant, "");
// and then return from the server side handler.

A test that demonstrates this is 

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 11:25:18 AM UTC+2, Joseph Vaughan wrote:
> I have a few instances where I'd like my gRPC server to reject an RPC call 
> using the newly introduced Interceptors functionality. I've read the 
> documentation and can see that this is a desired piece of functionality 
> (Cancelling 
> RPCs <>). I can 
> see the functionality is available within the Java API ( 
> <>)
> which looks perfect for what I'd like to do (Cancel the RPC and return one 
> of the internal gRPC status codes). The best solution I can find right now 
> for a C# server is to raise an RpcException with a Status, however I'd like 
> to avoid the use of exceptions for common control flow where possible. 
> Ideally I'm looking for the same functionality as demonstrated here: 
> Am I missing something on the C# side where I can already do this, and if 
> not, are there plans to introduce a similar API?
> Thanks,
> Joseph.

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