It seems I will be making my own bicycle...

On Monday, April 2, 2018 at 4:40:28 PM UTC-5, CM wrote:
> Hi,
> I am designing a small distributed job scheduling system with a twist -- 
> each job can be re-executed (idempotent), but same job can't be executed by 
> two workers in parallel. This requirement makes everything really difficult 
> in presence of network/worker failures.
> In essence on a high level it looks like this:
> - Worker -- a process (one of many) that connects to Coordinator, receives 
> jobs, executes them and submits generated sub-jobs back (if any)
> - think "traversing a filesystem": "process this directory" job will 
> generate a bunch of sub-jobs (one for each directory item)
> - Coordinator -- maintains systems state, feeds jobs to workers
> - System State -- list of jobs and their current status (executing on 
> worker X, done, etc), can be just a list in memory or table in database
> - job can take a very long time
> I am having difficulty implementing "no parallel execution" guarantee -- 
> if worker (or connection to it) goes down I need to recognize this in 
> Coordinator, "pause" all jobs given worker was running and (after some 
> timeout or user action) re submit jobs to another worker. Timeout (or user 
> action) is required to allow worker (if it is alive) to detect network 
> error and stop it's jobs and start the cycle again (try to register self 
> with Coordinator, etc). It is important that once connection was deemed as 
> broken -- it never reused(or worker may not notice the problem), worker is 
> treated as dead until it re-registers itself (after a job purge or restart).
> Can grpc help me implement this? I am feeling like reinventing a 
> bicycle... This certainly can be done with raw TCP (with manual 
> keep-alives), but I'd like to avoid coding all that logic.
> Regards,
> Michael.

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