I have a bi-directional gRPC that writes to a file and returns responses. 
Protobuf is defined roughly like this:


rpc Write(stream WriteRequest) returns (stream WriteResponse);

message FileData {
    int64 offset = 1;
    bytes data = 2;

message WriteRequest {
    repeated FileData extents = 1;

message WriteResponse {
    int64 throttle = 1;

The issue I'm running into is that I need to run special logic on the last 
request in the iterator before returning a response (e.g. flush buffers). 
The only way I can think to do that is to peek ahead in the iterator, but 
iterator.next() blocks forever if I haven't returned a response since the 
last time I called it.


def Write(self, request_iterator, context):        
    request = request_iterator.next()
    next_request = request

    while True:
        request = next_request            
        for extent in request.extents:
            # Write data

        # This call blocks forever
        next_request = request_iterator.next()            
        if not next_request:
            # Do important stuff before client unblocks
            yield WriteResponse(throttle=0)
            yield WriteResponse(throttle=0)

All I'm really trying to accomplish is running some logic at the very end 
of the RPC before the client unblocks. If I was using the Java 
implementation I would have access to ResponseObserver.onCompleted() but it 
seems like with Python, RPC completion is just implied through yield-ing 
the response that corresponds with the last request in the request iterator.

Is there some way to do this?

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