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> I have a question about running Python examples and working with gRPC
> Python in general.
> How to build/install the gRPC Python from sources so that I can use it for
> example with the examples? Right now I followed the tutorial and installed
> grpcio and grpc-tools in a virtualenv to run the examples but I want to use
> a build from source.
> Additionally, how can I "make clean" the Cython files I built with
> "setup.py"?

This (locally building and installing from source) is an area that hasn't
gotten much love since a few years ago when we shifted focus to
distributing wheels as our primary means of making gRPC Python available. I
suspect the current state of affairs is something along the lines of "it is
what it is" - follow the code to see how our wheel-building works and along
the way some documentation will be right, some will be wrong, and some will
be missing. We would happily accept any corrections or improvements you
would wish to contribute. :-)

Good hunting,

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