Is there a chance to add details to errors generated by gRPC layer itself 
to distinguish different scenarios instead of forcing gRPC users to analyze 
error message client-side? Parsing error messages is error-prone as they 
are not standardized across different languages and can change over time 
without any warning (and strictly speaking are not a part of api).

Few examples we'd like to differentiate:
1.1. ResourceExhausted returned by python server in case of exceeding 
concurrency limit - it's safe to retry request to different server (server 
is known to not starting processing the request) and is quite common for 
python setups
1.2. ResourceExhausted returned by any server in case of too big 
metadata/message - it's useless to retry it as message size doesn't change
1.3. ResourceExhausted returned by any server in case of too big response - 
it's dangerous to retry non-idempotent request as server already processed 
it once
2.1. Unavailable returned by application logic to indicate some dependency 
being down, it can or can not be safe to retry depending on the specific 
2.2. Unavailable returned by client to indicate that all connections are 
down, it's safe to retry with a hope that new connection becomes established
2.3. Unavailable returned by client to indicate that current active stream 
was terminated

We're interested in having individual grpc-transport-specific error codes 
for individual cases for better attribution of failure scenarios (in 
metrics/tracing) to improve system's visibility and in some cases for 
reacting on them differently.
While some of this cases can be mitigated by ensuring that we always 
properly attribute our own application-specific errors, grpc-own errors are 
still indistinguishable in some scenarios [1].

1. https://github.com/grpc/grpc/blob/master/doc/statuscodes.md


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