I recently pinned down a sporadic race condition in my application due to 
grpc intializing OpenSSL internally. The problem is that OpenSSL has some 
global callbacks that grpc is trying to initialize on it's own without the 
authorization of the application. The problem is in the 
init_openssl call in ssl_transport_security.cc which trounces similar calls 
from the application. The situation is made worse(race condition) if some 
application threads already have locks acquired via previous calls and then 
grpc changes the stuff underneath before the locks are released (hence the 
race condition). 

My application has usage of OpenSSL in a wider context than just grpc. I 
get the point that grpc is wrapping this up to make it easier for standing 
up an application with grpc but I think such type of things should be 
accompanied by a compile/run time option supplied at grpc_init that let's 
application decide the right owner. I am fine with the option defaulting to 
grpc initializing the OpenSSL internally. 



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