Hi. I posted this at SO, may be a better place is here. I don't have a good 
understanding of connection management, and not sure how  server can keep a 
handle of client connection and push data (instead of responding to API 


I am starting with GRPC using go. I read the official docs, and few 

In most examples, you don't identify the client, but use the stream to read 
/ write data. I see there is API in Context to retrieve auth info, and can 
indentify the client for the ChatRequest. But, what if I want to keep a 
reference / index to the Stream based on the client id.

For example, 

say I have 3 users in a chat room. I represent the rpc as (it could be 
server-streaming as well)

rpc Chat(stream ChatRequest) returns (stream ChatResponse) {}

say, one user send a message to the group, which need to send to other 2. 
So, if I need to send it through the Stream currently opened for those 
users, how safe is to keep a reference of the stream.

The implementation will be like...

type chatServiceServer struct {
    // keep a map of subscribers / users currently connected; protect with mutex

func (s *chatServiceServer) Chat(stream pb.ChatService_ChatServer) error {
    // md, ok := metadata.FromIncomingContext(stream.Context())
    // p, ok := peer.FromContext(ctx)
    // ... identify client from above

    for {
        // save the message to DB
        // find other users in the chatroom is currently connected
        // if so, stream.Send(m)
        // else notify ....

But, I see the warnings in API doc and wonder a better way.

// It is safe to have a goroutine calling SendMsg and another goroutine
// calling RecvMsg on the same stream at the same time, but it is not safe
// to call SendMsg on the same stream in different goroutines.
SendMsg(m interface{}) error

Similar use case arise with any subscription (event, ....), and need to 
notify based on client id. Any example code, article would be great as well.

Thank you

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