19.09.2016 20:28, Colin Watson пишет:
> Current master fails like this when configured with --with-platform=xen
> and using binutils 2.27:
>   TARGET_OBJ2ELF= sh genmod.sh moddep.lst all_video.module 
> build-grub-module-verifier all_video.mod
>   build-grub-module-verifier: error: no symbol table and no .moddeps section.
>   Makefile:42584: recipe for target 'all_video.mod' failed
> There's no video driver configured for Xen in
> grub-core/Makefile.core.def, so this makes a certain amount of sense:
> it's an empty module with no dependencies, which is what
> 67dba97e4598eaf2deb14da044fbfb1c119cf76f purports to prevent.  On the
> other hand, that does make Xen unbuildable at least with some binutils
> versions (2.26.1 seems to work fine; more specifically, I can build
> --with-platform=xen on Ubuntu xenial but not on Debian unstable).  I
> considered just adding the cirrus driver for Xen to pacify this, but
> that uses PCI symbols that aren't built for Xen at the moment.
> What's the best answer here?  Is there some reasonable way to weaken
> this test so that this module is allowed to be useless on this platform?

Yes, that's what openSUSE is using currently, see also

I hoped there is some trick to skip building this module generically,
but then we also have potential issue with config scripts.

What about changing all_video to actually load modules at run time based
on video.lst? The code itself is trivial.

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