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1- After a PC restart (that is when the BIOS/UEFI has finished to inizialize hardware periferals and give the control to the GRUB) i'm interesting to know if GRUB implicitily (that is without an explicit command from a user) can write to a drive attached to a computer.
For example:
A- the PC is turn off
B- I put an usb stick in the usb port (no matter if usb is bootable or not); you can suppose usb stick is formatted NTFS
C- I turn on the PC
QUESTION: after the BIOS finish its procedure and gives the control to the GRUB, the GRUB can do, in some way that i ignore, writing operations into the USB drive attached to the usb port.

The same question is for IDE and SATA drives (for example internal attached Hard Disks different from the first containing the OS).

I don't think you have specified your question very well.

Is your question whether grub CAN do these things, or whether grub DOES do these things?

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