You are correct that this needs a tutorial — someday! The process of 
simulating a pattern is similar to setting up a refinement. However, for a 
dataset, on the import/powder data menu you will see a simulate option.

   You probably will want to keep the histogram instrument and sample 
parameters unchanged from their defaults, but will want to change the ones on 
the Phase/Data tab.

  There is no powpref in GSAS-II. Use the Calculate/Refine option to compute 
the simulated pattern.


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I am new to both GSAS and GSAS-II. I am trying to simulate an x-ray dataset for 
textured Magnesium. I know how to create a simulated dataset in GSAS using 
POWPREF and GENLES. However, I do not know how to simulate a dataset in GSAS-II 
or where the corresponding options are for POWPREF or GENLES. How do you 
simulate a diffraction pattern using GSAS-II? Is there any good documentation 
that I missing? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Caleb Hustedt

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