Dear all,I am a newer to GSASII, and I sent a letter to all of you last night. 
The problem I met was that a sigular matrix appeared when I chose to refine the 
texture parameters. Later, I tried to do it many times, and I found that I set 
chi=90 degree in texture item, which I thought it should be. I changed 90 to 
the value "0", and the problem solved. I was confused by two types of Eulerian 
angle, one for sample (Tree:PWDR--sample parameters), and another for the phase 
(Tree:Phase--texture).  I remember that there are only one type of Eulerian 
angle in GSAS, and the default value of omega, chi, and phi for  Bragg Brentano 
geometry is respectively, 0, 90, 0. However, what is the default value for 
these different types of Eulerian angle in GSASII? Another problem is that the 
restraint does not work when more than one phases are rifined. For example, 
there are three phases, anatase, pyrite and microcline. The default phase in 
GSASII is anatase which can be set up for application of restraint when I chose 
the "restraint" item, however I plan to apply the restraints for microcline. 
The "restraint" dialogue box became a grey background when I change the phase 
from anatase to microcline in the  menu "Edit--Select", and a hint appeared 
that "NameError: free variable 'Status" referenced before assignment in 
enclosing scope" in the console window. In order to solve this problem, I 
deleted other two phases, and only kept microline in GSASII. Then, the function 
of "restraint" worked. Is there any methods or suggestions to solve this 
problem? Thanks, Daxu
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