I've noticed that in GSAS-II refinements of neutron TOF data work unusually 
slow, comparing to CW data or even the same refinements using GSAS. These 
refinements may take up to 3 minutes per iteration. Is that a bug?

PS Also, it seems that something is wrong with the latest update (revision 
1946). For example, file GSASII.BAT is missing, and some of the windows won't 
open, giving smth like:

> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File 
> "C:\Users\ang2\SkyDrive\!NIST!\Projects\Python\--bas--GSASII\GSASIIctrls.
> py", line 106, in onSelectionChanged
>    self.SelectionChanged(event)
>  File "C:\Users\ang2\SkyDrive\!NIST!\Projects\Python\--bas--GSASII\GSASII.py",
> line 2204, in OnPatternTreeSelChanged
>    G2gd.MovePatternTreeToGrid(self,item)
>  File 
> "C:\Users\ang2\SkyDrive\!NIST!\Projects\Python\--bas--GSASII\GSASIIgrid.p
> y", line 3071, in MovePatternTreeToGrid
>    G2pdG.UpdateBackground(G2frame,data)
>  File 
> "C:\Users\ang2\SkyDrive\!NIST!\Projects\Python\--bas--GSASII\GSASIIpwdGUI
> .py", line 1077, in UpdateBackground
>    G2frame.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU,OnBkgFit,id=G2frame.dataFrame.wxID_BackPts['Fit'])
> AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'wxID_BackPts'

when trying to open "background" window.

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