Dear GSAS-II Users,

  I want to mention to all of you that a change in GSAS-II that is in progress. 
As you probably have noticed, reading of input files into GSAS-II is handled 
through the Import menu items — except for reading of Images — which was put in 
the Data menu when the project was started. As of version #2003, image reading 
is now available in the Import menu. The reason for this change is that Import 
(and Export) menu items in GSAS-II are handled in a special way that makes it 
much easier to support new formats (see 
Please use Import/Image/... in preference to Data/"Read image data…” At present 
the old Image reading code is largely unchanged, but in a few weeks (unless I 
hear about problems), I will start on a code cleanup and will leave only the 
Import code.

   While Bob and I want to hear about all bugs that can be demonstrated in the 
current version of GSAS-II, I’d like to ask you to be on the lookout for 
problems reading image files. We try to track down and fix all the bugs we can 
reproduce. If you find a one, please be sure to send us a .GPX file and 
instructions; also please see for how to report bugs.


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