This one is my error — at least with the new single-download installer based on 
miniconda. I did not include one of the two packages needed to access the hdf5 

Assuming you have used anaconda/miniconda this the command

conda install h5py hdf5

should fix this. If you get an error that conda is an unknown command, you will 
need to use a full path:

~/g2conda/bin/conda install h5py hdf5

\Users\me\g2conda\conda install h5py hdf5

I hope to get this fixed soon fro fresh installs.


On Oct 25, 2016, at 2:25 AM, davide levy 
<<>> wrote:

starting GSAS-II I have got this message
HDF5 Reader skipped because h5py library is not installed
is it a problem? How can I load h5py library?

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