Hi everyone, 

I have a problem with GSAS-II program for export full CIF. This generate me the 
following errors: 

Writing CIF output to file LaFeAlO3_3.cif... 
Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "C:\GSASII\GSASII.py", line 133, in MenuBinding 
File "C:\GSASII\GSASIIlog.py", line 458, in InvokeMenuCommand 
File "C:\GSASII\exports\G2export_CIF.py", line 2001, in Exporter 
File "C:\GSASII\exports\G2export_CIF.py", line 1819, in _Exporter 
str(self.shortauthorname) + "|" + instnam) 
File "C:\GSASII\exports\G2export_CIF.py", line 71, in WriteCIFitem 
self.fp.write('; '+value+'\n') 
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xed' in position 
69: ordinal not in range(128) 

The GSAS-II version that I am using is 2511. Nevertheless, when I run the 
program and it ends, wirtes the lines down. 

C:\Users\Edward\Documents\Colaboraciones\Raquel del 
project save successful 
Hessian refinement on 16 variables: 
26 derivative time 0.0020 
matrix modification needed; lambda now 1.0e-02 
matrix modification needed; lambda now 1.0e-01 
Cycle: 0, Time: 0.36s, Chi**2: 6881.7, Lambda: 0.01, Delta: -4.69e-05 
26 derivative time 0.0040 
Read from file: C:\Users\Edward\Documents\Colaboraciones\Raquel del 
Save to file : C:\Users\Edward\Documents\Colaboraciones\Raquel del 
GPX file save successful 
Refinement results are in file: C:\Users\Edward\Documents\Colaboraciones\Raquel 
del Toro\Refinamiento_Perovskita\MyWorks\RAQ-61A\Rietveld_PDF2-3\LaFeAlO3_3.lst 
***** Refinement successful ***** 
GPX load successful. Last saved with GSAS-II version 2509 

Particularly, catches me the last line. Is it GSAS-II version 2509 or 2511? 

Finally, I reported a similar problem for export CIF-full in the GSAS-II 
version 2447 and and this was corrected in the version 2448. My problem now was 
to update and can not to retrun to version 2448. 

GPX load successful. Last saved version With GSAS-II 2447 
Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "C: \ GSASII \ GSASII.py", line 133, in MenuBinding 
log.InvokeMenuCommand (event.getID (), self, event) 
File "C: \ GSASII \ GSASIIlog.py", line 458, in InvokeMenuCommand 
handler (event) 
File "C: \ GSASII \ exports \ G2export_CIF.py", line 2116, in Exporter 
self._Exporter (self, event = event) 
TypeError: _Exporter () got multiple values for keyword argument 'event' 

Sincerely, Edward. 

Dr. Edward E. Ávila S. 
Laboratorio de Síntesis y Caracterización de Nuevos Materiales 
Centro de Química 
Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC) 
Carretera Panamericana Km 11, Altos de Pipe 
Telf.: (58) 0212-5041609 
Cel-.: (58) 0426-2080809 
correos-e: eav...@ivic.gob.ve; edeba...@gmail.com 
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