Dear all,

with the risk of annoying everyone, I have one more bug to post, for 
Gsas2 on linux, todays version:

setting the (2theta) limits, the GUI field in which you enter the 
number(2theta angle) turns yellow and blocks you filling in an 
additional number. When I want to change 11<2theta<160 to for instance 
20<2theta<160, I click on the lower limit (11) and want to fill in 20. 
It take the first '2' of '20' and then, as I understand it, it doesn't 
accept the angle '2' (basically checking the number before I've done 
entering the '0').

btw: clicking on the right side of the entered '2', I can add the '0' to 
have '20' as the new lower angle.

best regards, Lambert

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