Dear all

I am trying to fit my diamond standard. The pattern shows 111, 220, and
311. In the fitted pattern I see the 222 reflection (I100 about 2) that
is forbidden and I100=0 for the allowed 220 peak. Data from the cif file

my setup:

(gsas) alxneit@PC12348:$ gsas
GSAS-II binary directory: /fast_home/alxneit/GSAS-II/bin
4 values read from config file /fast_home/alxneit/GSAS-II/
Python module versions loaded:
  Python:      2.7.14
  matplotlib:  2.0.2
  numpy:       1.13.3
  scipy:       0.19.1
  OpenGL:      3.1.1a1
  PIL.Image:   1.1.7
  Platform:    linux2 64bit x86_64
This is GSAS-II revision 3135

Dr. Ivo Alxneit
Catalysis for Energy Group
Bioenergy and Catalysis Laboratory        phone: +41 56 310 4092
Paul Scherrer Institute                     fax: +41 56 310 2688
CH-5232 Villigen                      gnupg key: 0x515E30C7

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