Hi all,

I'm trying to replicate a use case where scientists used GSAS 1 to refine the 
sigma and gamma profile coefficients, this time using GSASIIscriptable. I've 
come up across a couple of stumbling blocks to this, and any pointers would be 
really helpful.

1.       Gamma no longer appears to exist at all in GSAS-II

sig-n parameters appear in the Instrument Parameters tab, but gam-n parameters 
are nowhere to be seen. Are they going by a different name, or do they need to 
be calculated in some other way?

2.       Neither appear in the documentation for refinement parameters in 

Can these be used as parameters for refinement from GSASIIscriptable, and if 
so, what is the correct place to put them in the tree? I notice different keys 
for peak profile terms (U, V, W, X, Y) - are these related in some way?

Any help with either of these points would be much appreciated,
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