Hi Emily!

DISCLAIMER: I am a very new GSAS-II user.

1)      I noticed that phase markers appear only if you select the Histogram 
(PWDR tree item), or the Reflection Lists subtree item. Clicking on Background, 
Limits, Sample Parameters, Peak List, Index Peak List, Unit cells List subtree 
items as well as the “Phases” tree items shows the pattern but not the phase 
tick markers. At least in my computer.

2)      In order to manually define the background points to be fitted, select 
the background subtree item and the Fixed Points menu will appear in the menu 
bar. You can select, move or delete points with this menu, then click the fit 
background (same menu). As far as I understand it will fit those points using 
the function that is selected in the main Background tab, so you may have to 
choose the most suitable.

Good luck,


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To phase markers I cannot tell much. Usually they are there (maybe only after 
refinement of the phase?).

I also requested a feature concerning the background once. I cannot estimate if 
it is very complex to do so. One option available is to define anchor points 
that are used to calculate the bg-function. That can be tedious and doesn't 
solve the issue of the bad adaptation..
There is also a possibility to load a dataset from a file as background, if 
there is e.g. amorphous signal.


Emily Siska <sis...@unlv.nevada.edu<mailto:sis...@unlv.nevada.edu>> schrieb am 
Fr., 12. Jän. 2018, 03:58:

I have two problems:

1. I cannot get the phase markers to show on the plot
2. Are you able to graphically refine the background? The program cannot fit 
the background well with any function of amount of coefficients.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Emily Siska

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