I have another alternative, if I configure my original audiosink as audio
This audio decoder element also has srcpad, but actually no data is through
the srcpad to downstream elements, the data goes down to HW audiodevice in
it, and it also provides clock.
when I use playbin, I set fakesink as audio-sink, so can playbin still
work except some functions disabled (such as volume) ?

Zhao Liang

>   On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 8:28 PM, Liang Zhao <liangzhao....@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > If I have a audio sink with decoding functions, that means this
>> audiosink
>> > can decode encoded data and render it to audio device. Can playbin
>> handle
>> > this type audio sink well?
>> Probably not.
>> > From code, I find playbin is using decodebin to build pipeline, and
>> > decodebin finds decoders from the caps in registry. In playbin, it will
>> add
>> > audiobin to route the decoded data to audio sink.  But if the decoder is
>> > already a sink, the playbin still handles it well?
>> > I hope guys can give me some helps.
>> It sounds like you may be working on a gstreamer element for some kind
>> of hardware decoder on a display adapter (video card.)
>> The *most* ideal way to do this (IMHO) would be to use new caps to
>> represent the APIs needed to move data in or out of this special area
>> (the video card.) This would be a good first step IMO toward getting
>> the GStreamer developers to include support for such a thing in
>> official GStreamer playbin elements.
>> I can't really speak on behalf of the GStreamer guys, but if they are
>> similar open source advocates as I am, they probably are not too
>> excited to support something like, say, a hardware DVD decoder.
>> Can you tell us more about what you're working on?
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