Hi All,

We have been planning and preparing a Globus Toolkit version 5.0 release. More detailed information will be coming soon regarding Globus plans resulting from the feedback to Ian's previous email asking for help in shaping Globus' future (http://www.mail-archive.com/gt-user@lists.globus.org/msg00927.html ). But for now, I want to let you know about our plans and schedule for the GT5 release.

The components in GT5 will be GridFTP, GRAM5 (greatly enhanced version of GRAM2), GSI-OpenSSH, MyProxy and RLS, along with the various supporting libraries that these components use. The GT4 Web Services components are not included in GT5, including WS GRAM (aka GRAM4), RFT, Delegation, Java WS Core, C WS core components. (Of course, we will continue to support and maintain these GT4 Web Services components.) This reduction in number of components and overall build dependencies should allow us to more easily coordinate and create this release than past GT releases.

We are hoping to release GT 5.0.0 in early November. The current schedule is:
Oct 16          Code Freeze
Oct 19 - 30     Release Candidate creation, testing, doc
Nov 2           Announce GT 5.0.0

Questions and feedback welcome.

Stu Martin

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