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> Hi Cnut,
> Rebooting didn't show again the issues mentioned above. They seem to be a 
> side-effect of migration.
> Maybe reflashing the very old boot loader once resets everthing to a state
> that an upgrade to the new one becomes possible or at least does not fail.
> So we still don't know why it failed for you, but we seem to have a procedure
> to switch back and forth (using two µSD cards with old and latest boot-loader 
> built with current makesd).
I guess probably old bootloader flashing new one (because of an
accidiential boot from nand). And then It might have troubles with the
Older uboots e.g. do not recognize the load command, well there should
be error checks.

> > Let's say I have created a sd card with an old boot image and want to test 
> > it.  
> > > See: http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/downloads/54/  
> > In the document behind the link is written for "AUX pressed" with "NAND 
> > flashed and MMC installed": It does "MLO:MMC". I assume that is the case I 
> > need ot flash from sd card.  
> Yes, so that it does not try to run a broken or bad MLO from NAND.
> > Does it mean that I have to
> > - remove usb cable and battery
> > - put the sd card in the gta04
> > - press and hold aux button
> > - insert battery
> > - and release aux button when something from the sd was loaded (a menu, red 
> > screen etc.)
> > Is the assumption correct?  
> Yes, exactly.
> And I recognize that this mail contains a lot of material for a HowTo page. 
> Anyone here with a public blog?
I think it boils down to follow some instructions exactly to prevent
accidential boots from bad nand contents regardless of whether you do a
rescue from mmc or usb. These instructions do not look as if they have
to be followed exactly in that order. Being shocked because you think
you have a bricked device does not help for that either. So you need to
be calm.
The unknown environment is risk factor. But that can be mitigated by
cleaning it during update. The USB-DFU-way does not use environment
from flash, so it should work regardlessly.
It does not even try to
read some content from there, so it just needs to be able to erase and
write to nand. Well, you could also compile a mmc-self-sufficient usb
uboot which does not depend on any information in ram.

If you know how the boot process works, it is obvious that you have to
follow these instructions in exact that order.

So I am a bit unsure how to provide the right amount of information
here and what it should be. 

Well, I think I should create a gta04-rescue deb package containing a
script where you have to acknowledge step by step.


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