Hello Nikolaus,

fine, but this will "only" correct the swapping. It will still not correct 
the calibration.

Whereat the comments of the affected source give a nice hint: "On my 
GTA04, sitting flat on the table, the raw Z acceleration value is about 
256, so we divide by 256 here."

So I suggest to add a further printf of the value of "accel -> z", in 
order that your code will provide you the needed calibration data that you 
can then use for "accel -> [xyz]scale" in case of having detected a 

Best regards

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Datum:  11.04.2018 19:21
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Hi Sven,

Am 05.04.2018 um 18:05 schrieb Sven Dyroff <s.dyr...@phytec.de>:

Hello Nikolaus, 

> I have now booted my GTA04A4 and the orientation is completely correct. 
> Hm. Maybe a subtle difference between GTA04A4 and A5? They use different 
accelerometer chips. 

something like that is what I already assumed. Would have wondered me if 
some scaling factors would have gone lost by just rebuilding QtMoko... 

I have now added a device version detection to swap the horizontal axis if 
we run on a GTA04A5:


I have not yet published the new debian packages, but will do soon. So 
apt-get update will not
yet find anything new.

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