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> I looked at mGTD years ago and decided that D3 was more suited to me.
> I really didn't get on with mgtd's dashboard and slow entry method and
> found d3 very configurable/hackable.
> I recently re-thought my gtd methodology, due to being snowed under by
> index cards that I never get around to entering into the system, and
> looked at various option again.
> Tried Thinking Rock, but that didn't feel any good to me. Then took
> another look at mGTD to see how it had changed. I found myself much
> more at home with it than I had done previously and was impressed
> (rather than frustrated as I was years ago) with the lay out. Then I
> stumbled across the 'Quck Add' button. That feature looked to be a
> total deal clincher to me so I transferred my d3 information into mGTD
> (with the help of
> http://www.estamos.de/blog/2008/09/05/getting-things-done-gtd-migration-from-d-cubed-to-monkeygtd/
> )
> and tried it out. I have not used it extensively since then (Christmas
> and family time etc), but it's looking very good so far.
> The quick add feature is incredible. d3 was great for adding actions
> to projects, but being able to add many projects at once is fantastic.
> My plan for this is to create a simple text file and amend it through
> the day (maybe using Launchy to make the process even smoother). At
> the end of every day, I can simply cut and paste that text file into
> quick add. That's just so good!

Cool, thanks for the feedback.

> One question I have is with next actions. In d3, only the fist action
> was the next action. When that action was finished, the following
> action was the new next action. This could be changed manually so that
> you could tag other actions as 'floating', enabling them too to be
> active, but the default was for one at a time. That seemed to be much
> more gtd than all of the actions being active at once unless you
> manually toggle them, or am I missing something? It seems like to get
> what d3 does in terms of automatically creating your next action would
> take lots of activating and deactivating actions in mgtd.

Can't be done at present, but there is a plugin you might like to try.
Search for Carsten on the google group.

> Another part of mgtd that I liked was 'areas' as I had built this into
> d3 myself and all of my area tags kept working fine (with a bit of
> work) after moving them over to mgtd. I did it slightly differently on
> my system in that I tag a project with multiple areas. For example
> "Home: Buy new bed" may be tagged with 'home', 'finances' and
> 'family' (bad example, but you get the idea). Most of my projects have
> between 2 and 4 area tags. This work fine in mgtd, although it would
> be handy to be able to click on multiple areas within a project rather
> than having to click on one and add the rest manually by editing.
> I love the simple way that projects can be moved between 'Active' and
> 'Someday/Maybe' at the click of a button within the projects
> dashboard. That's going to be great for weekly reviews.
> At the moment, I'm not using the 'realm' feature, but I really like
> it. I just want to give it all a bit more thought before I start re-
> tagging 500 projects so that I don't change my mind about the realms
> half way through.
> That's about it for my aimless thoughts. Congratulations to the
> developers and I'm enjoying finding out about the new functions I have
> available to me. I still have a fondness for d3 and my hacks of it,
> but I'm happy with mGTD at the moment (hasn't had heavy use yet
> though).
> Thanks again. A few feature requests are listed below if anyone is
> interested.
> Cheers
> Damian
> Requests
> - Is it possible to make the default tag for a new project added by
> Quick Add to be Someday/Maybe rather than Active? This could maybe be
> a toggleable option to switch on and off? Personally, I want most of
> my newly entered projects to be 'Someday' and changed over to 'active'
> only on a weekly review

It's an easy hack. In MgtdProcessInbox look for this:

fields.push("Active"); // make it active

Change to this:

fields.push("Someday/Maybe"); // make it s/m

Then save and reload.

> - In quick add, could 'Space' separate tags rather than | (after the
> first |)? This is the way that d3 handles adding actions. It's no big
> problem. It would just speed up entry.
> eg
> ".call dad|@calls @home @quick" rather than ".call dad|@calls|@home|
> @quick"


> - Tag abbreviations within quick add? Would it be possible to manually
> set up some abbreviations for tags? Such as 'sm' instead of typing
> Someday/Maybe, or 'ff' instead of typing [[Friends and Family]], or
> '$' instead of Finances.

it's a nice idea. You could edit the shortHand var in the same plugin. But
currently it only works for Actions. I would like to be able to use SM for
projects also.

> - Could quick add have a method to add notes into projects?
> eg
> Scratch bum|Personal
> .find index finger|@home|@office
> _Easier when not seated
> .scratch when ready|@home

Actually this feature already exists, try this:

.find index finger|@home|@office||Easier when not seated

> in the above example, the '_' prefix would tell quick add to add the
> line as notes within the project. No idea if that is possible or not.
> - Can a project have more than one area selectable? Multiple area tags
> work fine, but currently need to be manually added as you can only
> pick one from a drop down list. If they were all visible and
> toggleable (as contexts are within actions) then multiple areas could
> be applied much more easily.

If you are prepared to get into customising...

Find TitleButtons and put something like this under the Project section:

<span class='label'>Area:</span>
<span class="unboldLinks" macro="groupOfSingleToggleTags Area

 and comment out the drop down for Areas.

> - Quick add within a project. Can quick add be done within a project
> as d3 does? I know that you can do it by typing the name of the
> project in the quick add section, but that requires extra cutting and
> pasting to make so that there are no typos. Clicking edit (or a new
> quick add button) within a project and then using the '.xyx|@home'
> terminology would be very useful.

I great idea. I'd love to use this feature.

> - Can the order of areas be changed? At the moment, they show up in
> various listings in the order in which they were created.
> Alphabetically, or manual rearranging would be nice.

I think sorting should be easy to do.

> - Printing the Projects Dashboard. I would like to print the Projects
> Dashboard for a hard copy view during a weekly review. At the moment,
> with almost 500 projects, I get a few on a page and the rest are lost
> if I try to print. Is there any way around this so that a tiddler can
> print onto multiple pages?

Will look at this but see a post by Scott Kingery for a part solution.

Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions. Greatly appreciated.




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